Wednesday, 9 March 2011


It's a happy happy day on the Steps, the scaffolding that has blighted the Steps for the past two Artisan Markets (and just in general) is finally coming down!

This means we are looking forward to April's Artisan Market even more than we were anyway!

Here's how thought the Steps looked while the scaffold was here:

And here's how they look now:

Saturday, 5 March 2011


March's Artisan Market was ... well, very VERY cold!  We were all pretty annoyed at the apparent cancellation of spring and fall back into what felt like December, but our stallholders are NOT moaners, they are a steely lot and they braved it like really brave types.

We had some new faces this time, as well as some familiar and some that are familiar but we haven't seen for a while.  We enjoyed Inner Spirals, Bloom & Curll, Poco Drom, Hatters Tea Party and Lily Grace Orginals - and no, they aren't all cocktails, they are very talented Artisans!  There were many more fabulous artisans at the market, but here's a few of them, those that have the likes of websites and blogs and such like:

Lily Grace Originals:

And here's some pics too!

For April, we're thinking Easter Egg Hunt on the Steps?  Yeah!

 Homeware made from old records!

 Stalls a-top the cobbles, yes!

 Frilly-Knickers-Joe putting up some of her lovely bunting.

 Ace customised, retro tables with Emma Downer Professional next door.
 Romi and her gorgeous jewelleryand prints, with Poco Drom peeking in from the left.
 Poco Drom returned to the Artisan Market after a gap whilst they learnt to drive - that's dedication!

 Amazing fascinators and hair accessories from Hatter's Tea Party.

 One from the top, with Lily Grace Originals and Great and Sewn peeking in

 Inner Spirals brave the Steps despite their hula hoops being at risk of running away!

 Happy Bakery says 'Save Venue'!

An inner view of Inner Spirals stall!